Bring Your Bulky Bedding In for Laundry Service in Kalamazoo

Our laundry service in Kalamazoo and Vicksburg is the perfect place to get your bulky bedding clean and fresh for winter. The weather has definitely turned chilly and we’re all pulling our comforters and quilts out to bundle up in. If they’re dusty from being in storage or have an odor from where you were keeping them, we can help. We’re also here when those cozy essentials need a cleaning during the winter months.

That Fresh Clean Scent. There are a lot of ideas for storing bedding over the summer months to prevent them from picking up an odor or collecting dust – but nothing beats running them through the washer to get that fresh scent and clean feeling. Our laundromats have front load washers capable of accommodating bulky bedding – and you can wash multiple items at once!

When Accidents Happen. We like to start the season with clean bedding, but that doesn’t mean it will stay that way. The two biggest culprits for dirty bedding are sick children and pets. When little ones get sick they often make a mess in their beds. Dogs and cats that run around outside and get wet or muddy and then bring the mess inside can also create some messy bedding. If you want to put your bedrooms back together quickly our coin laundry is a great solution.

Our laundry service is great for dealing with all of your bulky bedding quickly. Some top load washing machines and similar sized dryers just can’t move enough water / air to clean bulky bedding. We have the machinery to efficiently clean your large bedding items. You won’t have to wait for each item to run individually, you’ll be able to do all of your items and get your bedrooms back to being cozy in no time. Both of our locations are open 7 days a week, and our large capacity machines are ready when you are!