Camping Clothes Get the Clean They Need at the Best Laundromat in Kalamazoo

With COVID cases still high, we’re all looking for something to do, and Clean Getaway Laundromat can provide you with the best laundromat in Kalamazoo for your post-camping trips during this time. Camping is one great way to get out of the house during this time and find something fun to do while easily abiding by safe social distancing practices. Once the fun is over, however, all the clothes you wore during the trip can be cleaned in a single trip to Clean Getaway, you coin operated laundromat.

Smoky smell

If you have ever sat around a campfire while enjoying the outdoors, you know that distinct, smoky smell that lingers on your clothes for days afterword. With the effective machines at Clean Getaway Laundromat, this can easily be taken care of in a single wash. You and your whole family can get their clothes cleaned together in the large-capacity machines offered by Clean Getaway, allowing you to take one simple trip after your fun in the sun. Not only does this get your clothes clean, but it provides you with an easy way to do your laundry in one go after returning from a relaxing trip so you don’t have to have too much on your plate when returning home.

Stop and go

If you come back from camping and find yourself getting straight back into the work week without reprieve, you can also take advantage of the drop-off laundry services offered by Clean Getaway Laundromat. There’s a reason we say we’re the best laundromat in Kalamazoo, and it’s because of our great customer service and attention to customer’s needs. When life comes back fast after returning from your camping trip, trust in our drop-off laundry service to give you the next-day clean your clothes need to take stress out of your clothes washing experience.

With the best maintained and most affordable laundry services in Kalamazoo, Clean Getaway is your best stop for laundry after an enjoyable time spent out camping this summer. Stop in today and see why we’re the number one stop for clothes cleaning in Kalamazoo.