Clean Mud from Clothes at the Best Laundromat in Kalamazoo

If you find yourself with a mud stain on some of your favorite clothes, you can clear them out with the best laundromat in Kalamazoo. Not only do we have great facilities, but Clean Getaway Laundromat in Kalamazoo also has the know-how to help you get rid of pesky mud stains and get your clothes back to prime condition.

  1. Scrape/Wipe it

The first step to removing mud and the resulting stain from your clothes is to carefully scrape or wipe off any excess dirt that may be sticking to your clothes. After this has been done, rinse with cold water.

  1. Pre-treat the spot

Pre-treating the stain with a stain-releasing detergent directly on the stain can start the removal process. After pouring, rub the fabric together at the area gently to spread detergent into the stain, then let sit for five minutes.

  1. Load the clothes

Without rinsing off the detergent you put on for pre-treatment, place the stained clothes with your other laundry in one of the top-of-the-line machines at Clean Getaway.

  1. Wash cycle

Wash the stained and other clothes according to garment’s instructions

  1. Unload and check

Once the wash cycle is done, check your stained clothing to make sure the stain is gone. If not, repeat the steps again, as drying will set the stain on the clothes.

Once you know the proper steps to get rid of mud in your clothes, as long as you follow them, mud can no longer be a worry for your favorite clothes. By coming to Clean Getaway, the best laundromat in Kalamazoo, you can clean any stains out of clothes and clean your regular clothes too with our large-load machines. If you need an affordable laundromat that will get the job done, trust in the capabilities of Clean Getaway Laundromat.