Dependable Laundry Services Get Your Family Ready for Fall

As we suddenly find ourselves in cooler temperatures, it is becoming time to bust out our fall gear, and your family can more easily make this transition by utilizing the laundry services from Clean Getaway Laundromat. We help families all year round, so you know that your laundry can be taken care of better than ever when you come in to Clean Getaway.

Catch up quick with ease

Falling behind on your family’s weekly laundry? No problem! Clean Getaway can be the perfect place for you to bring all the clothes that have been piling up at the end of the summer and get them all cleaned at once! We offer high-capacity machines for your washing and drying needs to get your entire family’s loads done one after another. We have plenty of machines, so there’s never a wait to get the clean you need. And, with hours of operation every day of the week, you can fit your laundry catch-up into your work or home schedule with ease! We care about individuals and families getting the laundry services that they need, so stop in and take advantage of them for your fall clothes!

Laundry services on the move

If you are falling behind on laundry needs but don’t have time in the near future to take care of it, you can also take advantage of the drop-off laundry services offered by us. Clean Getaway Laundromat will take off the pressure of dealing with laundry from you and take care of it all. We do the washing, drying, and folding for you, so you can stick to your busy schedule and pick up the laundry when you need it.

Whether you stop in at our Vicksburg or Kalamazoo location, Clean Getaway Laundromat has all the available laundry machines and services to best serve you and your family. Make a stop soon to take care of your summer clothes and get ready for fall!