Dry Cleaning is a Necessity! Break Out Your Wardrobe with the Best Dry Cleaner in Kalamazoo!

Are you the type of person who wants their clothes perfect for work? Or who wants to keep their clothes clean constantly during the week? For over 40 years, Clean Getaway has been the best dry cleaner in Kalamazoo to help keep your clothes sparkly fresh and clean until you need them cleaned again. Our services here at Clean Getaway Dry Cleaning will save you time from having to do your laundry in your washer and dryer at home. Other than saving time, dry cleaning has other great benefits as well.

Cleaning for Your Good Night’s Sleep

Having trouble folding your sheets and comforter after washing and drying them at home? Or you having trouble fitting your comforter in the washer or dryer?  Clean Getaway has the services to fix this to prevent you from folding those stubborn fitted sheets and comforters. With our household dry cleaning service, no matter what type of material your sheets or comforters are, we guarantee we can provide the best deep clean for your bed for a good night’s sleep.

Gentle Washing, Powerful Stain Removal

From wine spills, to spaghetti sauce and grass stains, or simply a horrendous odor from trying to remove a stain yourself, Clean Getaway has the top-rated technology, as well as a well-trained staff to help you remove those stubborn stains and be gentle on your clothes without damaging the fabric.

No matter what concerns you have, we’re confident we can address them effectively and affordably. If you’ve been searching for the right dry cleaner in Kalamazoo to keep your clothes looking professional, clean, and stain free, be sure to visit Clean Getaway today to see how we can be a trusted partner with your wardrobe!