Get Caught Up with Laundry Services in Time for the Holidays

The holidays are fast approaching, and it’s time to prepare for the numerous family and friends who will be visiting. Extra bedding, the good linen, your winter wardrobe, the bags of laundry your college student brings home from the dorms…all of these will need to be properly laundered and clean for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Unfortunately, you more than likely don’t have the time or the proper equipment to handle all that extra laundry. Lucky for you, the friendly professionals at Clean Getaway do! With industrial sized washing machines to handle larger loads and drop off service for customers in a time crunch, we have the right solutions to your specific holiday laundry needs. Read further for more information about how we can give you the help you need to catch up on your holiday laundry.

Size is No Issue

Trying to do a large amount of laundry at home can be problematic. You’re either looking at doing numerous loads of laundry, which can eat up hours of your time, or you can try running larger loads, which causes undue strain on machinery that is designed for smaller loads. When you bring your laundry to Clean Getaway, you get the best of both worlds. We have industrial machines that are designed to handle larger loads of laundry, meaning more clothes washed in a shorter amount of time without the worry of straining the motor on your smaller domestic machine at home.


Our laundry service is available at affordable prices, making it the perfect option for anyone looking to get caught up on laundry, especially for college students who already live on limited budgets. Not only can students complete their laundry under budget, but they can also travel more lightly without lugging around large bags of laundry.

Extended Hours of Availability

Clean Getaway is open from 8am to 9pm, seven days per week, so you care sure to find a sufficient window of time in which you can complete your laundry. In the event that you cannot find enough time to complete your laundry, you can take advantage of our drop off service. Just bring us your laundry, and we will wash, dry, and fold your laundry, so it is ready for you to pick up when ready.

Clean Getaway is the best laundromat in the area to help with all of your holiday laundry needs. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the service you require. We look forward to hearing from you.