Getting Your Winter Clothes Ready? Be Sure to Visit the Best Dry Cleaner in Kalamazoo!

If, like many people across the great state of Michigan, you’re starting to drag your winter clothes out of storage, you may have encountered a musty smell, an accumulation of dust, or just leftover salt residue from last year. While it’s possible to launder all of these items at home, it’s much more economical – and practical – to have them professionally cleaned at the best dry cleaner in Kalamazoo: Clean Getaway! With a dedicated staff of trained professionals, we can help you restore the “freshness” of your winter wardrobe and – more importantly – we can do it quickly and cost-efficiently.

In business for over forty years, Clean Getaway takes great pride in its reputation as the most thorough, gentle dry cleaner in Kalamazoo. With a wide range of services available, including drop off laundry, wash and press, and dry cleaning, you can be confident that no matter your issue – stains, smells, or just regular old daily dirt – we can help! Need a clean, crisp shirt prepped for a job interview? We’re on it! Have a formal event coming up and need that old suit dusted off? We’re here to help! Got a whole closet full of winter clothing that needs to be ready, like, yesterday? You’re in the right place!

At Clean Getaway, we are regularly looking to improve our dry cleaning services. We’ve added eco-friendly equipment, upgraded dry cleaning presses, and invested in thorough training for our employees. We’re certain that you won’t find a more knowledgeable – or better equipped – laundry service in the Kalamazoo area. So, if you’re digging out those winter clothes and find yourself overwhelmed by the prospect of laundering it all, be sure to give us a call, discuss your needs, and plan your visit!