Got Pets? Say Goodbye to Lingering Pet Hair with Our Household Dry Cleaning

Do you constantly wish there was a household dry cleaning service near your home that could get rid of all the pet hair that has accumulated on your blankets, sheets, and drapes? If so, you’re in luck! Clean Getaway Dry Cleaning in Kalamazoo is the area’s premier dry cleaning destination! Staffed by experienced, long-term veterans, our team can help you keep your home clean and – more importantly – free of allergy-inducing pet hair. Whether you want to spruce up because you’ve got guests coming into town or you’re just looking for a way to cut down on the amount of pet hair that has found its way into your home, you can be confident that we can help. In today’s post, we’re going to look at a couple of services that we provide to pet owners in need.


Does your pet enjoy hanging out near your home’s windows? If so, you’ve likely noticed a surplus of hair on your home’s drapes after they’ve finished watching squirrels, chattering at birds, or eyeballing the neighbor’s dog. Clean Getaway’s household dry cleaning services can ensure that your drapes are pet hair free and, more importantly, marvelously clean.


Does your pet love spending time in bed? Have they rolled around so much that they’ve left a good portion of themselves behind? One of the most popular household dry cleaning services that we provide is the cleaning of bed linens, including comforters, sheets, and pillow cases.

At Clean Getaway Dry Cleaning in Kalamazoo, we aim to provide the most comprehensive laundry and dry cleaning services in the area. If you’ve been searching for a place that will help you get stains out, remove pet hair, and keep your home – and wardrobe – beautifully pristine, visit us today!