Keep Shoes Free of Stains at Your Coin Laundry in Kalamazoo

We’ve started to get some snow here in Southwest Michigan, and that often means more visits to your coin laundry in Kalamazoo. Snowfall leads to roads and sidewalks being salted, melting snow leads to wet and muddy conditions, and our shoes are the ones to pay for it. Especially useful for those who haven’t quite made the change to boots yet this year, Clean Getaway Laundromat provides a way to clean your summer shoes before you get ready for the season with heavier footwear. By following these simple steps, you can get your shoes clean without damaging them for next year.

  1. Surface problems – The first step toward cleaner shoes is to remove all surface debris that may be lingering on your shoes. These elements often come from muddy conditions caused by snow falling and melting over and over, and they can be removed by wiping them off with a rag. This will get lingering debris so that it is easier to reach concentrated spots in the next step.
  2. Focus spots – Any spots on the soles that are stained with mud, grass, etc. can now be brushed with a toothbrush and warm soapy water. This helps to scrub any areas that weren’t cleaned by the rag and is the best way to attempt to get rid of stains.
  3. Prep for wash – Now that the soles have been scrubbed down, you can prepare the shoes for the wash. Rinse the shoes off, remove insoles and laces if you need to, put the shoes in a mesh washing bag, add extra padding to the washer with dark bath towels (to avoid staining light colored ones), and wash on a gentle cycle at your coin laundry in Kalamazoo.

Once you have finished this washing process, shoes can be left to air dry and should be feeling fresh. A great way to preserve your favorite shoes and have them ready for next summer, Clean Getaway Laundromat has the affordable laundry services you need.