Keep Those Fashionable Clothes Fashionable with Top-Quality Kalamazoo Dry Cleaning

When it comes to Kalamazoo dry cleaning, Clean Getaway has built a reputation for quality, attention to detail, and affordability. Are you a fashionista with a wardrobe full of amazing artisanal pieces? Does your job require a well-kempt wardrobe? Do you just like looking – and feeling – good when you go out on the town? If so, we can help! For years, we’ve worked with residents of Kalamazoo – and nearby communities – to keep their closets fresh, clean, and presentable. If you’ve got pieces in your wardrobe with that dreaded “dry clean only” tag, dread no more! We’re here to ensure that your clothes last a lifetime and – more importantly – that they look good in the process!

Gentle but effective

If you’ve spent a good amount of money on your clothing, you want to work with a dry cleaner that utilizes a gentle cleaning process. But, you don’t want that process to be ineffective. Clean Getaway in Kalamazoo uses cutting edge equipment to ensure that your clothes are thoroughly cleaned without the use of harsh, damaging chemicals.

Dependable and on time

If you’ve got a big interview, a big meeting, or a big event coming up, you owe it to yourself to work with a Kalamazoo dry cleaner that you can count on. With a reputation for timeliness, the Clean Getaway team is here to make sure that you get your clothes back on time, every time.

Environmentally friendly

You want your clothes to look good but you don’t want to damage our planet by supporting the use of harsh chemicals. Clean Getaway has eco-friendly dry cleaning options that’ll keep your clothes – and our Earth – in great shape!

If you’ve been looking for a trusted, affordable, and prompt dry cleaner in Kalamazoo, contact Clean Getaway today to learn how we can help!