Laundry Services to Keep Up with the Holidays

The holiday season is upon us once again, and that means months of special events and gatherings for memories that last a lifetime. Unfortunately, the holiday season also means lots of extra laundry. Summer clothes before putting them into storage, Winter clothes before taking them out, holiday linens, Christmas stockings, extra bedding for your visiting guests, not to mention the laundry your college students bring home with them…all of this laundry, coupled with your normal load, can significantly cut into the time you have to spend with your family. Let us help you out and free up some of that spare time with our selection of laundry services at Clean Getaway. Whether you want to do larger loads by yourself or drop it off and let us do the work, we have solutions to handle the extra influx of laundry during the holiday season. In today’s post, lets look at those options and how they can benefit you.

Industrial Sized Machines for Industrial Sized Loads

If you have a large pile of laundry that just keeps getting larger, you have two possible home solutions, neither of which are ideal. You can either do a long marathon laundry session with load after load after load, or you can fill your machine to the top, which stresses your washing machine with extra weight. Both options add extra wear and tear on your equipment, with the latter possibly causing stress on the motor that could require an expensive repair or even more expensive replacement. At Clean Getaway, we have industrial sized washing machines and dryers that can handle heavy loads in a shorter amount of time, giving you the ability to get caught up on everything in the span of one afternoon or evening. You get clean laundry at an affordable price and spare your own equipment the stress of large loads it wasn’t designed to handle. It’s a win/win!

Drop it Off and Leave the Work to Us

Due to all the extra responsibilities you have during the holidays, from shopping and baking to hosting and traveling, you may not have the time to complete your laundry in our facility. Fortunately, we do have the time. Bring your laundry to us for our drop off service. We will complete the laundry, washing drying, and folding, so that all you have to do is pay, pick it up, and go. This gives you the freedom to run all of your errands while we complete the laundry for you, keeping you on schedule.

Clean Getaway has the best laundry services in the area. Contact us and let us know about the laundry services you need.