Put Your Winter Clothes Away and Get Ready for Spring with the Help of the Best Kalamazoo Dry Cleaner!

Finally, winter is leaving! The snow is melting! The ice is gone! People throughout Michigan are celebrating as warm air moves in, allowing them – for the first time this year – to break out their spring clothing. But, what do you do with all of that salt-ridden, snow-matted winter clothing? Well, before you throw it in a closet and forget about it until next season, consider paying a visit to the most reputable Kalamazoo dry cleaner! We can work with you to preserve your cold weather clothes and ensure that they’re ready to soldier through next year’s cold – and unthinkable – winter. In today’s post, we’re going to cover a couple reasons why you might want to dry clean your clothes before putting them into storage.


First of all, clean clothes store better! Not only will they keep your closet fresh, they’ll last longer and look better. Over time, salt residue can begin to break down the fibers of your clothing, causing them to fray and split. Properly cleaning your clothing before storing them can help to prevent this damage and ensure that every item has a long, healthy life.


Next season, when the snow starts flying, are you going to want to clean all your clothes before wearing them? Probably not! Cleaning your clothes before storage allows you to rotate them directly into your wardrobe, without hassles or headaches!

At Clean Getaway, we’re proud of our reputation as the best Kalamazoo dry cleaner. With years of experience and the area’s most advanced equipment, residents have come to rely upon us to clean – and safeguard! – their clothing. If you’re looking to switch in your spring clothing, be sure to visit us soon to get your winter clothing ready for next year!