Save Your Time For Summer Fun by Visiting the Laundromat in Kalamazoo

Swamped with dirty laundry and need a laundromat in Kalmazoo? Ready to get caught up in a hurry? Trade in doing one load of laundry at a time for starting as many loads as you need to all at once. Our machines have the capacity for low, medium, or high-volume loads – so that you can get your laundry done quickly. Both of our locations have the high-quality washers and dryers you need to get back to your summer plans.

We Know, It’s Easy To Get Behind

We’ve all been surprised by how fast the laundry can pile up when we’re not looking. Summer provides lots of opportunities to find yourself in need of a quick catch up. Gone for a weekend camping adventure? Just back from a family road trip to visit friends or family? Kids just back from sleep-away camp? We’ve got the capacity to help you get cleaned up from any of your summer adventures in a hurry!

Save Yourself Time In The Laundry Room

Waiting for one load to finish so that you can get the next one started can take up a lot of your time if you want to be out having some summer fun. At Clean Getaway Laundromat in Kalamazoo, you could be running a load of beach towels, one of sleeping bags, and a load of work clothes all at the same time. Think of the convenience of washing and drying all of your laundry at one time. With that much time savings, you’ll be back out at the campfire in no time.

Want Someone Else To Handle It?

Consider our drop-off service. We can take care of the washing, drying, and folding duties. We’re an affordable option to get caught up quick – typically we’re able to have your laundry ready within one business day. Now that’s a Clean Getaway!