Should You Wash or Dry Clean Your Clothes?

If you’re new to laundry, you’ve probably wondered – at least once – whether you should wash or dry clean your clothes. While a lot of clothing indicates on its label whether or not it should be placed in a traditional washing machine, there are some gray areas that can make the decision difficult. Often, clothing marked, “Dry Clean Only” can be washed normally and – just as often – clothing marked “Wash Gently” should be taken to the dry cleaner. In today’s post, we’re going to try to help you make an informed decision that will, hopefully, help you get a little more life – and enjoyment – out of your clothing.

Special fabrics and finishes

First and foremost, you should determine if your clothing is made from rayon, acetate, or similar fabrics. These fabrics aren’t designed to be placed into washing machines, as exposure to water can cause them to shrink and lose their shape. Furthermore, any garment with intricate draping, pleats, or folds should be dry cleaned to ensure that it maintains these features.

Lining and tailoring

Tailored items should always be dry cleaned to ensure that they remain crisp. Additionally, any item of clothing that features a lining will likely benefit from dry cleaning, as well. Often, the interior lining and the exterior fabric require two different cleaning methods that can’t be achieved when washed in a traditional washer and dryer.

Sentimental items

If you have a piece of clothing that is sentimental to you, dry cleaning can help to extend its lifespan. Whether it’s a special button-up shirt or a lucky t-shirt, the additional care that professional cleaning provides can help to ensure that it lasts as many seasons as possible.

At Clean Getaway Dry Cleaning in Kalamazoo, we want to ensure that all of our customers know when to wash or dry clean their clothes. If you have any questions, we encourage you to reach out to us today: we’re happy to help!