Take Pressure Off Your New Year with Quality Laundry Services

As we enter a New Year that comes with its own exciting challenges and opportunities, you can save yourself time and money by using quality laundry services. Whether you have joined a club, started a new semester or job, or simply want to use a more affordable laundry service, Clean Getaway Laundromat has the machines and services to help.

Students save

When starting the winter semester, you may find yourself readjusting where you go based on a new schedule or using the new semester as a way to refresh your routine. With the Clean Getaway Laundromat, you’ll not only get your clothes done at the best laundromat in Kalamazoo, but you can get it at a reasonable price that benefits students. We know that books, tuition, and other expenses add up quick, and it’s because of this that we like to offer laundry services at a competitive price.

Drop it off

If a new year for you means a new job, hobby, or anything else that requires a time commitment you have to adjust for, Clean Getaway Laundromat has the services to help you manage your new time synch. Clean Getaway’s drop off laundry services offer you a way to do your laundry without almost any time wasted by you. Simply drop your laundry off at the front desk, and we’ll do your washing drying, and even folding! Our drop off laundry services are also affordably priced, and we will take care of your clothes in a professional manner that you can trust.

Clean Getaway Laundromat of Kalamazoo is hands-down, the best place in the greater Kalamazoo area for all washing and drying of clothing, bedding, and more. With multiple sizes of top-of-the-line machinery, Clean Getaway Laundromat can get you started on a cleaner future in the New Year.