Wash Away Winter with the Laundromat in Kalamazoo

Although it might not feel like it, spring is already just around the corner, and, here at the Clean Getaway Laundromat, we’re getting ready to work on cleaning our winter clothes. Soon it will be time for warmer weather, which means packing away all your excess blankets, coats, sweaters, and more. It’s also the time to get out your favorite swim trunks, tank tops, and shorts as we get ready for some fun in the sun. But, before you put away your layers and get in your favorite summer outfit, you might think about sending them through the wash at the Laundromat in Kalamazoo.

Preserve your favorites

Have a special sweater that you can’t seem to quit wearing? Got a pair of slacks coated in sidewalk salt? Take care of them the right way by visiting the Laundromat and giving them the cleaning that they deserve. At Clean Getaway Laundromat, our laundry services will take proper care of all your favorite winter apparel at an affordable price. With our up-to-date equipment, your winter clothes will get the care they need.

Wash away before you pack away

As temperatures rise, it may be tempting to remove all reminders of colder times by shoving them in a box for the summer. However, don’t forget to take proper care of them before putting them away for next winter. Clean clothes are happy clothes when it comes to storage. Here at the Laundromat, we want to do our best to make sure your clothes get the proper care so they don’t turn stale or moldy during the humidity of summer.

The winter may be long, but the end is in sight. As we reach the final stretch, stop in at Clean Getaway Laundromat and get the laundry service to keep your clothes in peak condition!