Wash Your Bedsheets for the Season with Coin Laundry

Temperatures have been dropping drastically recently, and it’s getting to be the time to put away your bedsheets for the season after washing them at a quality coin laundry. Regular cotton sheets are fine for during the spring summer, and sometimes even fall, but as temperatures continue to drop, you may find yourself wanting to replace them with flannel sheets to keep yourself comfy and warm during the frigid winter.

Why flannel?

If you have never thought about what the benefits are for switching your bedsheets from microfiber to flannel, it’s a great time to do so. Thicker and softer than microfiber, flannel bedsheets can keep your bed a warm place to sleep. Much like sleepwear and heavier-set plaid clothing, flannel bed sheets are the best option for all your cold weather needs.

We can fit it

If you already have flannel sheets or are thinking of making the change, you can wash your regular sheets at the coin laundry of Clean Getaway with ease. We have machines that can handle low, medium, and high-volume loads, meaning no matter how many sets of sheets you must wash or how big your bed is, you can fit all of them in our machines in one go.

Winter is busy

Thanks to the busy schedule that the holidays bring with them, you may find yourself struggling to find a time to get your bedsheets washed and folded to be put away for the season. With the drop-off laundry service that Clean Getaway Laundromat provides, you can have everything clean and ready to be put away until warmer weather comes around again.

With affordable and efficient coin laundry machines, Clean Getaway Laundromat of Kalamazoo is the best place to go for your laundry needs. No matter your size load, we’ve got the machines to help you get everything clean this winter.